In partnership with New York City Economic Development Corporation, The City Fellowship supports extraordinary community-oriented entrepreneurs who are making NYC better.

The City Fellowship at Company Ventures offers a 9-month program to direct Venture resources to the benefit of impact entrepreneurs serving New York communities. The program specifically centers the experience of BIPOC and women-led small businesses, nonprofits, and technology startups that are building a more equitable and sustainable future for New Yorkers.

Over the last few decades, venture capital firms have refined frameworks and business tactics that enable businesses to thrive. Our goal in establishing The City Fellowship is to direct this acumen and our networks toward businesses which specifically benefit the fabric of life in our beloved city. We are focused on deep impact, not the speed of growth or scale. We think it’s important to be a part of building/rebuilding NYC with a commitment to economic equity and climate action.

Access + Community

  • NYC Government
    • Through our partnership with NYCEDC, you will interface with different city agencies through a variety of pilot programs. We bridge public and private sectors to help deploy technologies that impact, or are impacted by, city services.
  • Venture Curriculum
    • You will have access to monthly business development learning sessions with our investment team and network experts (ranging from sales strategy to innovation practices, growth marketing to team development).
  • Fundraising Network Resources
    • While we do not have any requirements regarding a company’s status/stage or fundraising objectives, we can provide you with venture advice where appropriate as well as introductions for alternative funding methods.
  • The Company Community
    • You will be able to interact with the startups and operators within the Company community (including our incredible Grand Central Tech cohort) and be invited to exclusive events/engagements.
  • NYC Tech + Startup Ecosystem
    • We will connect you with like-minded industry experts and corporate executives based on your goals and needs.

Workforce Development Opportunities

  • We create on-ramps for first-gen students in NYC through internships and professional training in collaboration with partners including CUNY and other NYC workforce development partners
  • You will have a chance to hire a fully-funded intern as part of our program.

North Star

  • Based on our North Star program developed for Grand Central Tech, we help you define a clear vision, mission and values, and deliver on the principles of sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion across your business operations.

  • Application deadline: December 19, 2021
  • The Fellowship starts in late January 2022 for a duration of 9 months as a hybrid program, primarily virtual with intermittent and exclusive in-person engagements and opportunities

  • You are a tech-forward entrepreneur who is working to provide thoughtful solutions and improvements for quality of life in NYC
  • You may be leading a for-profit or nonprofit, small business or tech startups – all are welcome
  • Early stage operators are encouraged to apply – must show preliminary traction through revenue, fundraising, team development or other means
  • Preference for those who are doubling down on economic equity and/or climate action
  • You are an NYC-based entrepreneur, or have near-term plans to move to the city
  • You are willing to commit to:
    • 5 hours each month for hybrid events
    • Engagement with our North Star Program focused on values-based leadership
    • Participation in our CUNY internship program
Applications are currently closed. Thank you for your interest in The City Fellowship! Send us a note below if you’re interested in staying in touch and receiving updates on the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you elaborate what you mean by ‘economic equity’ and ‘climate action?’ Here are the factors we are thinking about related to:

Economic equity –
Does this company/organization ​​create access to a more just ‘playing field’ in New York City? Is what they are working on building stronger neighborhoods/creating opportunities for New Yorkers?

Questions addressed include:
– Is the product or service being developed creating economic opportunity for marginalized communities in New York City?
– Is the leadership team representing and sharing their learned/lived experience in building this company/organization?
– What does that indicate in terms of economic equity in terms of their intentions as a leader?
– Who is maintaining ownership of the business outcomes of the organization?

Climate action –
Is this company/organization working towards environmental sustainability for the future of New York City?

Questions addressed include:
– Are they building products/services that take action to combat climate change – i.e. building resilience from natural disasters, renewable energy and energy efficiency?
– Are they considering their environmental footprint?
– Does the action benefit vulnerable populations in New York City?

Is the program only open to women and BIPOC individuals?
While the program is designed to center the experience of women, BIPOC individuals, and other marginalized groups, it is open to all. We are taking applications from everyone.

Does acceptance into this fellowship program come with a physical co-working space?
The fellowship will operate as a hybrid program, which doesn’t come with a residency in our building. However, there will be some programmatic elements that are live/in-person, providing opportunities to meet us and become familiar with our space in the Company building.

I have multiple co-founders/business partners – should all of us apply?
This is a leadership driven program so those who are leading their companies/organizations or have decision-making abilities are encouraged to apply. Individuals are applying for their own participation and on behalf of the larger company/organization.

Questions? Get in touch!